Homestead Rebate Program
It pays to own a home in Gilliam County!


Instructions for Homestead Rebate Program

1. If you owned and occupied your homestead on June 30 and have not already filed an approved claim on this property, you must file an application no later than July 1 of the assessment year in which you are claiming a rebate.
2. If you purchased your homestead after June 1st but not later than June 30, the claim must be filed within 30 days after the property becomes a homestead, but not later than August 1 of the assessment year in which you are claiming a rebate. The purchase date shall be the date the document is recorded.
3. If the homestead is a manufactured structure or a houseboat you must file by the times shown in 1 or 2 above. In addition, the manufactured structure or houseboat must be titled in your name no later than August 1 of the year in which the claim is required to be filed.
4. That property owned by a corporation, partnership, trust, etc. must include a copy of a document stating the home occupant's name as one of the owners.


You must record your deed or contract by June 30 in order to qualify for the Homestead Rebate Program. Also the property must be your principal homestead as of June 30. Temporary absence from the homestead on June 30 would not disqualify you as long as the property remains your principal homestead, unless it it rented during the absence.


It is the taxpayers responsibility to file a claim form. No rebate will be given unless the form is filed by the proper deadline.


Disqualification clause... Gilliam County property taxes must be CURRENT by June 30 in order to qualify for Homestead Rebate.


The amount of rebate payment for each qualifying homestead shall not exceed the amount of taxes assessed on the homestead property in any one tax year. The Gilliam County Budget Committee determines the rebate (sets the percentage and the maximum) amount annually.

*For example, the Gilliam County Court on June 17, 2020 authorized the Gilliam County Assessor to process the Homestead Rebate Program for the 2020-2021 assessment year at 100% of property tax bill, not to exceed a maximum of $550 per qualifying homestead.

For more information on the Homestead Rebate Program

Please contact the Gilliam County Assessor's Office at 541-384-3781.