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Primary Election May 15, 2018

Voters Not Registered with a Political Party:
The Independent Party of Oregon has chosen to open its primary election to voters who are not members of any party for the May 2018 election.

The Democratic Party of Oregon and Oregon Republican Party primaries will be only for voters registered with their party.

To receive a ballot for the Independent Party of Oregon, print out and complete the form below, sign it, and return it via email, mail, fax or in person to you county elections office as soon as possible, but not later than 5:00 pm on April 24, 2018.  This will not change your voter registration.

Independent Party of Oregon primary election form

Return completed form to:

Gilliam County Clerk
221 S Oregon St, Room 200
PO Box 427
Condon, OR 97823

phone: 541-384-2311
fax: 541-384-2166

Current results:
January 23,2018 Special Election


Gilliam County Ballot Drop Site Locations (accessible 24 hours a day during election)  
The below locations are available until 8:00 p.m. on election day.

Arlington Municipal Bldg.
Parking Lot / Drop Box
Locust & First St.
Arlington, OR  97812

Gilliam County Courthouse
Parking Lot / Drop Box
221 South Oregon St.
Condon, OR 97823

Voter Precincts
View Voter Precinct Map

Roster of Precinct Committee Persons - Gilliam County - Democrat Read More

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