Community Development Dept.
PO Box 427
211 S. Oregon St., Rm. 104
Condon, OR 97823

Rachel Weinstein

Public Office Hours
Mon-Th 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Friday

Community Development

The Community Development Office takes the lead in encouraging, promoting, and coordinating community development efforts. This office is involved in organizing meetings, building support for the area and community; facilitate the networking of ideas and activities; promote cooperation and volunteerism and encourage the development of partnerships among government and non-profit agencies.

Rachel Weinstein
Community Development Coordinator
phone: 541-384-3767

Gilliam County Special Projects
Gilliam County Special Project Funds; the amount of funds available for special project grants is determined by the Gilliam County Host Fee Ordinance 2012-05. The total amount available in the Special Project Grant Fund is based on a percentage set in the ordinance. The percentage is fixed but the funds vary based on the amount of host fees Gilliam County receives from Waste Management. The Special Project Grant Fund is split evenly between North and South Gilliam County.

For more information about resources for Gilliam County businesses, please visit our Business Resources page.

Strategic Action Plan Review/Update 2012
Business Development Loan Program
Gilliam County's Business Development Loan Program is taking applicants. This program is open to Gilliam County businesses and non-profit organizations employing at least one part-time individual. If your business is looking to expand, diversify, or just needs a little boost of working capital, our program gives you a great option for favorable rates and terms. Funding is primarily for 'gap' financing.   Additional information and application can be obtained at the Treasurer's Office.