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Gilliam County District Attorney
221 S. Oregon St
PO Box 636
Condon, OR 97823

District Attorney
Marion Weatherford

Legal Assistant
Maggie Cooper

Victim's Assistance Program Director
April Aamodt

District Attorney

The District Attorney’s Office provides criminal prosecution, victim/witness services, and represents the State in a variety of other proceedings as required by State law. The primary purpose of the District Attorney’s Office is to fairly, impartially and honestly enforce all criminal laws. The ultimate goal is to make Gilliam County a safer and healthier place to live.

Duties & Services

The Prosecution and Case Management Program is responsible for preparing and filing formal charges against Defendants and for conducting hearings and trials associated with those charges. It also advises local police agencies in investigations and obtaining evidence for use in criminal matters.

The Crime Victim/Witness Program provides general information about the criminal justice system, crisis intervention and short-term counseling, emotional support, referrals to other community resources, case status and disposition information, assistance with restitution, intercession with other agencies, service providers, employers, etc., and help in filing for crime victim’s compensation. Advocates from the program also accompany crime victims and witnesses to court hearings, including grand jury and trials.

The District Attorney’s Office is required by State law to represent the State in felony prosecutions, misdemeanor prosecutions, grand jury proceedings, mental commitment hearings, child support actions, family abuse prevention hearings, juvenile delinquency and dependency hearings.

The District Attorney’s Office is part of a law enforcement partnership that includes: the Gilliam County Sheriff’s Office, Juvenile Department, Community Corrections, Condon City Police and the Oregon State Police. The District Attorney’s Office also contributes to the County’s public Safety Network by leading the Gilliam County Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Task Force and as a member of the local Public Safety Coordinating Council.