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Family Services Coordinator
Teddy Fennern

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Family Services

The Family Services Department coordinates between government agencies, service providers, non-profits, communities and families to support local families in becoming and remaining healthy.  It's mission is to promote the well-being of all children and families in Gilliam County.

Four Rivers Early Learning HUB
      Serving Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman, Wasco and Wheeler Counties

For the first time in history, Oregon is coordinating a statewide, results-focused approach to early childhood education and school readiness.  That’s where Early Learning Hubs come in. 
Early Learning Hubs have five core objectives:

  • Work across traditional program and sector silos for collective community accountability
  • Find the children in each community that need help the most
  • Work with families to identify their unique and specific needs
  • Link families with services and providers who can best address their needs
  • Account for outcomes collectively and cost effectively

Under the community-based leadership of Early Learning Hubs, Oregon will bring together public schools, early learning providers, health care, social services and the private sector on the local level, around shared outcomes.  This Early Learning Hub model builds on existing community resources and assets, while also asking tough questions about what could be done differently to get better results, especially for at-risk children.

Vision:  Working together to give all children an equal start across Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman, Wasco, and Wheeler Counties, we support existing programs and their growth, expand program proficiency and/or capacity and align all supports for early learners to improve planning and communication between family resource managers and providers. 

Mission:  The purpose of the Four Rivers Hub is to improve systems to achieve better child outcomes and ensure all children are ready to learn when they enter kindergarten.  This is accomplished by developing and implementing a coordinated and integrated regional approach and utilizing community strengths, meaningful relationships and collaborative partnerships to leverage resources that will enhance early learning outcomes that support the State's 40-40-20 Goal. 

Early Learning Hub Coordinator
Christa Rude 
ph. 541-506-2255

Early Learning Division 
Oregon's Early Learning Initiative under the Oregon Department of Education

Youth Development
Youth development was established to assist the Oregon Education Investment board in overseeing a unified system that provides services to school-age children through 20 years of age in a manner that supports academic success, reduces criminal involvement and is integrated, measurable and accountable.  Gilliam County will be focusing on program services that are evidence based, culturally, gender and age appropriate, address individual risk factors, and build upon factors that increase the health and well-being of children and youth to increase academic success.

We get results for children:

  • Healthy Start children are half as likely to become victims of child abuse
  • We target youth at high risk of committing juvenile crime and help prevent them from offending during the next year
  • We have helped families enroll in Cover Oregon
  • We have local community leaders who serve as champions for children
  • We focus on community-based decision making that empowers its citizens to solve local problems with a small investment from the state
  • Our investments develop children who will learn better, earn better, live better and give better
  • We are a sure-fire economic development strategy:  Healthy, educated kids grow up to be good employees, valued community members and contributing taxpayers.
  • We invest strategically in early childhood and school-aged programs to decrease risk factors all along the age continuum, and invest in teen programs that prepare youth for the work force
  • We work with local communities to reduce risk factors such as poor parenting, community norms and academic failure, which lead to juvenile crime, suicide, teen pregnancy, depression and violence.

Local Community Advisory Council to the Eastern Oregon Community Care Organization
Local Community Advisory Council (LCAC’s) are intended to represent the diversity of their community, including race/ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and geographic location.  The primary charge for each LCAC is to advocate for preventative care practices, to oversee and collaborate with community partners on a Community Needs Assessment, and to develop, implement and report on a Community Health Improvement Plan.

Boards and Committees-

Condon Community Food Pantry 
Teddy Fennern is on the Board of Directors for Condon Community Food Pantry. Condon Community Food Pantry's mission is to eliminate hunger and its root cause… because no one should be hungry.  
Teddy Fennern serves in the capacity as the Food Pantry Coordinator.

South Gilliam County Energy Assistance Program 
The South Gilliam County Energy Assistance Program provides energy assistance to qualifying individuals.  The South Gilliam County Energy Assistance program is administered by the Condon Community Food Pantry Board. 
Teddy Fennern serves in the capacity as an Intake Specialist.