Gilliam County Victim's Assistance Program
PO Box 636
221 S. Oregon St.
Condon, OR 97823


Victim's Assistance Program Director
April Aamodt

Victim's Assistance

The Victim's Assistance Program is responsible for advocating for and supporting victims of crime. We work with the Gilliam County District Attorney's Office and Gilliam County Juvenile Department.

Duties & Services

  • General information regarding the Criminal Justice System
  • Court accompaniment and support
  • Safety Planning
  • Assistance in establishing restitution
  • Information and updates on case status
  • Assistance in insuring that your testimony can be given without fear of intimidation
  • Help in filing for financial compensation from the Department of Justice Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • Referral to community agencies*

*If you have been physically or emotionally harmed in any way by your spouse, partner or loved one, or if you have been a victim of sexual violence and you need help, advice, referral or emergency shelter, call:  HAVEN 1-800-249-4789 (24 hour hotline)

Your Rights

Under Oregon Law, you have certain rights as the victim in a criminal case or Juvenile Court delinquency proceedings.  It is very important that you know these rights. For more details, please read our Your Rights Factsheet or contact the Victim's Assistance Office.