Gilliam County Justice Court
PO Box 308
Arlington, OR 97812

Justice of the Peace
Judge Cris Patnode
P: 541-454-2923
F: 541-454-2145

Arlington Court
500 W. 1st St.
Arlington, OR 97812

Open Monday-Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Condon Court
221 S. Oregon St.
Condon, OR 97823
Open Tuesdays
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Justice Court

Online Credit Card Payments
You may pay your citation online by clicking on the Point & Pay icon. Please have either your citation number or driver's license number ready. Your citation number is listed at the top right corner of your citation.  If using the citation number, omit any letters or leading zeros.

A 4% convenience fee will be charged or a $2.00 minimum for payments of $50.00 or less. 

The court will receive payment the next business day.
Please contact the Court at 541-454-2923 if you have any questions.

Point & Pay Online Payments


Directions to the Court can be found under 'Contact Us'

Greetings from the Gilliam County Justice Court.
  Within Gilliam County, there are two Justice Court locations, one in Arlington and one in Condon.  The Condon Court is open Tuesdays and the Arlington Court is open Monday through Friday.

How to Respond to a Traffic Citation
Please read the back of your citation for instructions.  If you would like to appear in person before the Judge, please do so on your Court date and time, which is written on the front and bottom of your summons. 

If you choose to enter a no contest plea at your Court appearance, the Judge will hear any explanation you are willing to give, in order to make an appropriate decision. 

If you enter a plea of not guilty, the Judge CANNOT hear your testimony at your initial Court appearance, but will set the matter for a hearing at a later time between you and the officer involved. 

If you choose to be represented by an attorney the Court must be notified as soon as possible after your attorney is retained. 

If pleading not guilty, there is an option to a personal hearing, a hearing by affidavit, (hearing by mail).  If you choose this option (option 4 on the back of your citation), please mail your citation with option 4 checked, a written plea of not guilty and a request for hearing by affidavit forms.  Hearing by Affidavit forms must be returned to the Court, along with your testimony within 14 days.

Explanation of Plea Choices 

A no contest plea arises from your right to remain silent.  It is your belief that although you may not be able to admit guilt, you believe there would be enough evidence to prove the case against you.  A no contest plea does result in a conviction.

A not guilty plea is a denial of guilt or your belief that the case can not be proven against you.


You may also respond to the citation in writing rather than in person.  To do so, please check your plea (on the back of the citation) and return it to the Court along with any written explanation or circumstances. Follow the instructions on the back of your citation. 

Always make sure the Court has a current mailing address.

It is your responsibility to ensure the Court receives your written appearance (on or before your Court Date).  If the Court does not receive your written appearance or you do not appear in person, a default judgment will be entered and a order to suspend driving privileges will be forwarded to DMV.  This Court does turn uncollected debt over to a collection agency.

If you have received notification your debt has been turned over to a collection agency, you will need to contact that agency to settle the debt.

It is required that you appear in person for the following matters (you may not appear by mail):
Minor in Possession of Alcohol and/or Marijuana
Misdemeanor Crimes
Any citation for which “must appear” is written within the presumptive fine box

The Gilliam County Justice Court has jurisdiction over traffic and game cases, landlord tenant and small claims cases, misdemeanor crimes, and other violations.  The Gilliam County Justice Court also handles municipal proceedings for the City of Condon and the City of Arlington, hearing city ordinance cases.

Landlord Tenant cases or FED “force entry and detainer” is the legal name for the lawsuit a landlord files against tenants that fail to pay rent or for some other reason, the landlord wants the remedy of eviction. Forms for this process may be obtained at either Justice Court.

A small claims case is an informal lawsuit, in which lawyers are not allowed to be involved and the normal legal rules for lawsuits are relaxed.  To start the small claims process, in the Justice Court, forms must be completed, and may be obtained at either Justice Court. The plaintiff must have made a bona fide effort to collect the debt before filing the claim.  $10,000.00 is the legal claim limit in an Oregon Justice Court.

Justice Court Judges also perform wedding ceremonies, and can do so anywhere in the State regardless of the County in which they preside.