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Gilliam County Road Department
509 S. Lincoln St
PO Box 427
Condon, OR 97823

Road Master
Dewey Kennedy

Rock Crusher Supervisor
Brad Carnine

Road Office Manager
Terri Carnine

shop  p. 541-384-5717
office p. 541-384-3998
office f.  541-384-3304

Public Office Hours
Mon-Th 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Friday

Road Department

The Gilliam County Road Department maintains 428 miles of road. Of those miles 310 are gravel road and 118 miles of pavement. Of the paved roads 25 miles are machine laid, and the remaining 93 miles are chip seal oil mats. There are 18 bridges throughout the County.

We maintain the road system with a ten man crew. Our team includes:
  • Roadmaster
  • Five-Man Road Equipment Crew
  • Mechanic
  • Rock Crusher Supervisor and three rock crusher equipment operators 
  • Office Manager
The rock crusher produces materials for Gilliam County, ODOT, the cities of Arlington, Condon and Lonerock as well as local landowners and projects inside and outside of the county.  The Department keeps stockpiles of rock throughout the county to maintain the roads and supply material to landowners. The road department uses an average of 35,000 cubic yards of rock each year on roads throughout the county.

Maintenance of the gravel roads consists of grading twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. The grading begins in the north end of the County in the Spring as the frost leaves and starts in the south as soon as we get the fall rains and before the ground freezes. Gravel is added to sections of road and ditching and culverts are repaired or replaced as needed.