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Gilliam County Surveyor
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Gilliam County Surveyor
Todd Catterson, PLS

Surveyors's Office

The Gilliam County Surveyor is responsible for maintaining a fair and accurate record of surveys made by the County Surveyor or deputies. The Surveyor's Office also provide copies of surveys as requested by members of the public.

Gilliam County was created on February 25, 1885 from the eastern one third of Wasco County. Survey Number 1 was surveyed by J.A. Morris, September 6, 1907, for the City of Condon. The office of the County Surveyor is located in the Courthouse in the vault of the County Clerk’s office in Condon. The original survey maps and land partition plats, as well as paper copies are indexed and filed there.

Duties & Services

  • Keep a fair and correct record of surveys made by the county surveyor or deputies thereof and by the county road official, all surveys received pursuant to ORS 209.250 and all surveys under ORS 368.106 or 368.206.
  • Number progressively all surveys received and state by whom and, if provided, for whom made.
  • Provide a copy of any survey to any person or court requiring the same, on payment of the fee allowed by law.
  • Make all surveys of legal subdivisions with reference to the current United States Manual of Surveying Instructions.
  • Establish or reestablish and maintain all public land survey corners, where evidence of the corners can be found and the corners can be positively located, and keep a separate record of the corners, giving the dates and names of persons present. When so established or reestablished such corner monuments shall be recognized as the legal and permanent corners.
  • Establish or reestablish upon order of the county court all public land survey corners where all physical evidence is destroyed or cannot be found but where the official government notes are available, the corners to be established in the manner provided in ORS 209.130 for establishing corners, and keep a record of same, giving the date and names of the persons present, and turn such record over to the surveyor’s successor. When so established such corner monuments shall be recognized as the legal and permanent corners.
  • Check survey maps, land partitions and subdivisions for compliance with statutes and ordinances prior to recording.