Grant Program Overview (see also: Cultural Coalition Grant )

Thanks to wind energy projects and our long-standing partnership with Waste Management, Gilliam County is in a period where significant discretionary funds are available to support local organizations and communities. The Gilliam County Court does not take this good fortune for granted. We know that how we utilize this financial opportunity – the investments we make in our communities today - will ultimately determine Gilliam County’s long-term strength and vitality. 

That’s why, the Court recently voted to institute a formal, competitive grant process for operational support, capital investments, and special projects; for the first time, providing clear eligibility guidelines, application procedures, and reporting requirements. 

There are three types of grants available. Operational Support Grants, Capital Investment Grants (for capital projects over $20K), and Special Projects Grants (for events and capital projects of $20K or less).

The Gilliam County Court is committed to making strategic investments to support economic development, build critical infrastructure, and improve the quality of life for our residents. 

Two informational sessions were held to answer your questions about the new eligibility and application requirements.  If you were unable to attend these sessions, please see the video and presentation slides below, or call, email, or visit the Treasurer's Office, 221 S Oregon St, Room 204, Condon, 541-384-6321,

Condon Informational Session
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 5:30 pm
Video Recording
Presentation Slides

2019-2020 FY Operational Support Cycle - CLOSED 

Operational Support Grant
Provides short-term, limited financial support to organizations delivering necessary services throughout Gilliam County.

Operational Support Grant Application
Attachment "A" - Operational Support Grant Budget Sheet (Excel), (pdf)
Attachment "B" - Operational Support Grant Match Funding
Addendum 1 - Operational Support Grant Guide

2019-2020 FY Capital Investment Grant Cycle - CLOSED

Capital Investment Grant
Provides funding opportunities for capital projects (over $20K) that benefit Gilliam County and it's citizens.

Capital Investment Grant Application
Attachment "A" - Capital Investment Grant Budget Sheet
Attachment "B" - Capital Investment Grant Match Funding
Addendum 1 - Capital Investment Grant Guide

2019-2020 FY Special Projects Grant Cycle - CLOSED

Special Projects Grant
Provides funding opportunities for capital projects (under $20K) and events that benefit Gilliam County and it's citizens.

Special Projects Grant Application
Attachment "A" - Special Projects Grant Budget Sheet
Attachment "B" - Special Projects Grant Match Funding
Addendum 1 - Special Projects Grant Guide